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We hold in-depth knowledge of recruiting across five key sectors; manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, HR and finance, business support, sales and marketing, Get in touch today!

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    Manufacturing contributes a staggering £6.7 trillion to the global economy, so it’s crucial that the industry is packed with top talent. Problems like the skills shortage however aren’t making this easy, especially when 81% of UK manufacturers report that finding staff with the right qualifications and experience is difficult. We’re here to tackle the problem and make recruiting in this sector as easy possible. Whether you’re looking to hire someone with a unique skillset or a talented candidate searching for the next step in your manufacturing career.

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    supply chain and logistics

    New technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence are revolutionising the supply chain and logistics industry. With a staggering 62% of industry executives reporting that their company has undergone ‘profound transformation’, it’s more important than ever that you have the right team in place to keep up with your competition, streamline your processes and drive growth.

    From procurement managers and material planners to warehouse and transport managers, we successfully place highly-skilled candidates in permanent, temporary and interim roles across the UK and beyond.

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    HR and finance

    From employee training and retention to payroll and audits, HR and finance departments are responsible for some of the most important functions of a business. Building a well-organised, hard-working team will boost morale, increase employee satisfaction and enhance performance, so it’s vital you hire the right people!

    If you’re looking for a new team member, know we’ve successfully placed hundreds of applicants in companies of all sizes, from small scale start-ups to SMEs and fully established businesses. If you’re a HR or finance professional looking for a new position, we’ll take the time to understand exactly what you want out of your HR or finance career and find a position and organisation that suits.

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    business support

    Having a highly skilled business support team to handle your customer service, administration and back office functions is crucial. These employees are the backbone of your company and boost productivity by looking after your customers, systems and internal processes to save time, money and resources.

    To ensure this arm of your business thrives, we’ll only source and hire candidates who have the skillset you require. If you’re looking for work in a business support function and have a strong attention to detail, the ability to take initiative and excellent interpersonal skills, we’d love to help you secure the next step in your career.

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    sales and marketing

    Implementing a successful marketing and sales strategy is vital for business growth. Done well, you’ll generate leads, increase brand awareness and stay ahead of your competition.

    But with around 979,000 sales and marketing professionals in the UK – the highest number since 2011 – recruiting top talent is extremely competitive. That’s why we’re here to source, select and put forward candidates who’ll fit your team, culture and requirements, enabling you to move quickly.

    Alternatively, if you’re looking to take the next step in your sales and marketing career, we’ve got the industry knowledge and client-base to support you in finding a role that matches your personality, qualifications and skillset.